Residential Hydrogen Power (RHP) is an alternative fuel production company located in Englewood, Ohio. Eighteen years ago Mr. Chris McWhinney CEO, envisioned a better way to provide an alternative fuel source for the average consumer. Over the past seven years he has refined that eighteen-year dream into a self-contained, fully automatic hydrogen generating station that will one day become a standard in every home. The AutoARK uses electric to separate water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen. This inefficient technology has been around for many years until RHP increased the efficiency levels to make it a viable solution to your energy needs.
Our mission is to provide each homeowner with the potential to become energy independent and immune to uncontrollable energy cost, global unrest, national disasters, and other events beyond their personal control. We want to provide a safe and reliable means of producing hydrogen for heating, generating electricity, and fuel for their vehicle. We also know that with the use of our products each customer reduces his or her negative impact on the environment.         

                        Residential Hydrogen Power is a division of Millennium Reign Energy